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You don’t just want any CBD, right? And I get it. But with so many choices, it’s hard to choose. Our Love Hemp review is here to guide you through the maze, so you can decide if this popular UK brand is right for you.

Love Hemp Review – Organic CBD Oils and Products

The UK’s Fastest-growing CBD Product Brand, Selling Online, in Their Own Stores, and with Top UK Companies (Incl. Holland & Barret).

  • Overall Rating: 8/10
  • Price: Variable
  • Best Place to Purchase: lovehemp.com
  • Customer Love Hemp Reviews: Very Positive
  • Guarantee:
    • 6 month best before date in advance after dispatch;
    • 30-day return policy if unopened;
    • Tracked and insured delivery.

What is Love Hemp? Well, it’s in the name! Love Hemp Ltd. are the UK’s fastest-growing CBD brand, providing trusted, high-quality, and legal CBD products, ranging from oils to skincare and more.

But they’re not the only brand offering quality CBD – no one is! So how do they compare, why do they stand out, and what makes them worth it – if they are?

Read on and find out, as we cover an unbiased and honest look at all of this and more in this Love Hemp review.

Pros – What Makes Love Hemp the UK’s #1?

It’s Pure

The number one factor you want to look for to ensure quality hemp products is purity.

Basically, if it’s highly refined, extracted poorly, or contains additives, it’s just not the real deal. Fortunately, Love Hemp has the real deal – and it’s fully legal in the UK.

Their products contain concentrated, medicine-grade Cannabidiol (CBD), and keep out the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Let’s look at what that means…

THC is what typically gives the “high” we often associated with cannabis, and is currently still illegal in the UK. CBD, on the other hand, gives a milder calming effect and still offers many impressive health benefits.

We’ll cover this topic in-depth in a future post, but since you’re here, you’re probably already aware how great natural CBD can be for us!

High-Grade Organic Hemp

Linking to the above point about purity, Love Hemp go a step further by using only certified 100% organic hemp in their products. As their website claims, this is grown in Colorado using specific plant breeding to get even more CBD.

Overall, we can see that not all hemp companies do this. In fact, a fair number of higher-priced competitors such as don’t offer the same grade.

This is why Love Hemp stand out, and from a review standpoint, is likely their reason for such rapid growth in the UK.

Combined purity, organic farming, and careful selection create a synergy of luxury that stands out in the UK market… It has to come at a price, right?

Let’s look at that…

Pricing and Love Hemp Discount Codes – Save Money

We all love to save money.

AND, we all love to feel good. (That’s the product’s job).

Love Hemp maintain an excellent reputation not just for quality, but also for pricing. On the regular, the company offers site-wide discounts, offers, and official Love Hemp discount codes.

Currently, they’re giving all customers 3 discount codes to use on any products they purchase:

  • Spend £40 – Save 30% with code ‘SAVE30’;
  • Spend £70 – Save 40% with code ‘SAVE30’;
  • Spend £100 – Save 50% (!) with code… Yep, ‘SAVE50’.

Considering that CBD is a high-grossing market, and comes at a price to match (although Love Hemp is notably cheap), these price ranges aren’t unreasonable for single or multiple purchases.

Extra Discounts for Students and Key Workers:

Love Hemp are also offering a 10% student discount for students who sign up for a free account with Student Beans! This is a top discount site that updates students with all sorts of food & drink, fashion, health products, tech, and more exclusive discounts available to them.

Click here to learn more.

What’s more, Love Hemp truly show their support during these times. How? With a 40% ‘Blue Light card’ discount for the UK’s NHS, Social Care, Emergency Services, and Armed Forces.

Save now with Love Hemp discount codes

It’s great to see a company helping customers out so much during these tough times, but they’re generous by nature anyway!

Free UK Delivery Options – Save More Money

Another pro of buying anything Love Hemp online is the shipping. With such a wide variety of products (see next point), online customers can often get all they need, and in the quantities they need.

For this reason, Love Hemp offers all UK orders above £30 free tracked first-class delivery (2-4 days).

However, even if you don’t spend £30, you’re still eligible for free delivery! This is a site-wide free tracked second-class delivery option (4-6 working days) offered on all qualified UK purchases.

Other options are mostly paid, and include:

  • UK Delivery:
    • Special Delivery (Guaranteed by 1pm next working day if ordered before 3pm) – £3.99 or Free for orders above £100.
    • Saturday Delivery (Guaranteed by 1pm on Sunday if ordered before 3pm on Friday) – £8.99
  • International Delivery:
    • Tracked & Signed Airmail Delivery (3-10 working days) – £11.99
    • Express Courier Delivery (1-5 working days) – £29.99

Offering these services is ideal for more urgent or busy customers, and for those of you out there who aren’t purchasing from the UK.

However, I do think it would be better to see a free option for international customers based on certain qualified orders, too. Since the Love Hemp UK market is by far their largest, this isn’t yet available.

P.S. Due to state laws, Love Hemp cannot ship directly to specific areas in the US. Click here for a full list and details.

Wide Variety of Products

Whilst some companies specialise in offering a few products, Love Hemp take a broader approach. If you’re interested in quality and legal CBD products, there’s sure to be something for you here.

In particular, if you’re new to the market, there’s nothing better than to have an amazing selection to get started with! Here’s an overview:

Product Overview

CBD OilsLarge selection of Love Hemp CBD oils, sprays, and capsules (including vegan).
Different strength and amount options available.
Different carrier oils available.
CBG (Cannabigerol) – another beneficial, natural cannabinoid – is also available.
Recommended doses provided.
Flavourings used in some oils (dependant on the flavour selected).
Edibles Love Hemp offer a unique Hemp Water, which is also sold in some supermarkets and health stores (such as Holland and Barret).
Infused with natural CBD.
The gummy bears are low in sugar (currently unavailable).
Recommended doses provided.
The chocolate edibles contain unhealthy ingredients, including added sugar and flavourings.
Cosmetics The body salve is made with only organic, natural ingredients.
Love Hemp offer a unique CBD-infused face mask.
Only two cosmetics currently available: Body salve and face mask.
Vaping CBD infused into the vape liquids and crystals. Vaping may damage the lungs, and is not the ideal method to take CBD.
Flavourings are used in some of the vape liquids.
Merchandise 100% renewable energy and materials to make shirts and hoodies.
Simple, stylish designs and size / colour selections.
Eco-friendly hemp straws and tote bags (better than plastic, biodegradable).
No information given on snapback cap materials or manufacturing.

About Their Unique Love Hemp CBD Face Masks

The UK’s first hemp face mask! Their 100% cotton bio-cellulose masks are designed to nourish the skin with a deep hydrating cleanse.

Fun fact: Bio-cellulose is a fancy way of saying that the fibres are extremely thin – as fine as 20 nanometres, in fact.

This is excellent for reaching into pores, attracting moisture, and is durable (^).

By infusing pure hemp oil and herbal extracts, the face masks provide the benefits of reduced fine lines, more supple skin, and a fresher feel. This is how they’re marketed by Love Hemp, at least…

But we have to see how this is in practice – onto the reviews!

Top Reviews

Yep, we’re also looking at other Love Hemp reviews in our own Love Hemp review!

It’s important to look at customer experience with any product or service, and fortunately, most of the Love Hemp reviews we’ve found are overwhelmingly positive!

Let’s take a look at the Love Hemp reviews on their website, and then we’ll compare this with Trustpilot.

P.S. And to answer your question about the face masks – apparently they really do work!

Official Website Love Hemp Reviews:

Here are just some of their top products, and what people are saying about them:

  • Love Hemp CBD Oil – 10ml (300-4000mg strength):
Love Hemp Review Love Hemp CBD Oil - Organic

Five customers have reviewed Love Hemp’s CBD oil on the official website, and they’re all positive. This means there are currently no bad reviews from their 5 years of service. Therefore, 80% of these reviews were about the customers’ surprise at the effectiveness of the oil! It’s worth noting that CBD can be used in so many ways, so it’s hard to know exactly what it did to help these customers.

Five 5-Star Reviews (2020)

Price dependent on strength

  • Love Hemp All-natural Body Salve:

Both of the current reviewers appear to be repeat users, mentioning how useful the body-conditioning salve is for all sorts of purposes. Another pro here is the smell – you’ll get healthier and better-smelling skin (win-win, right)!

Two 5-Star Reviews (2020)

  • Love Hemp CBD Cellulose Fibre Mask (Nano-emulsified):

Describing a relaxing 30 minutes using the mask, one user was impressed with the “life in the mask”, allowing her to also treat her hands and use as a face rub the next day! The big pro was the overall effect: hydrated and soft-feeling skin.

One 5-Star Review (2020)

Trustpilot Reviews:

This is where we get the real picture – Trustpilot is called Trustpilot for a reason, and users share all sorts of positive and negative reviews.

Trustpilot Love Hemp Reviews 4.7 Stars

Where does the company stand with over 650 reviews here alone? Well, at a fantastic 4.7 / 5 Stars.

That means almost 90% of Love Hemp reviews left 5-star feedback.

Compared to competitors such as World of Hemp (3.6 Stars) and others with few reviews to go by, this puts them ahead of the game.

Here’s what people are saying:

The Good:

  • Excellent service
  • Quick delivery
  • Decent prices
  • Great range of products
  • Relieved anxiety
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Less joint pain
  • Improved asthma
  • “Amazing” difference from using the face mask
  • Even improved syptoms for cats (Yep, CBD is used for animals, too)!

The Bad:

  • Some products are expensive
  • Low stock levels
  • A few orders weren’t delivered, or were tracked poorly
  • Uneffective treatment method

So, as always, there’s the good, and there’s the not-so-good.

Here’s where we see an important point: nothing works for everyone. Some people said they didn’t see the results they wanted, and that’s fine.

We can’t tell if they were using the correct dosage, however, and the number of positive experiences outweigh these reviews.

Furthermore, CBD is a huge – but young – field of medicinal study with much scientific and anecdotal evidence (^)(^)(^)(^).

(P.S. We’ll talk about this in a future post)…

Additionally, poor delivery (particularly abroad) is likely due to the recent circumstances with COVID-19 in its peak, meaning higher stress on delivery services as a whole.

Love Hemp now display a notice of this issue on their Delivery & Returns page.

Overall, the reviews are almost entirely positive in terms of service, product quality, and product effectiveness. But, we can’t overlook the negative reviews that do exist, especially with recent times meaning potentially poor delivery or low stock.

Cons – Could It Be Better?

Unhealthy Ingredients in Edibles

Many of you probably know by now how much I emphasise a natural, whole-food diet.

A healthy diet is one of the most – if not the most – important pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

And, the number one factor in a healthy diet is whole-food!

Unfortunately, Love Hemp fall short here. That’s because their chocolate malt bites contain added:

  • Sugar
  • Glucose Syrup
  • Flavourings

Their dark chocolate bites don’t have the syrup, but that doesn’t cancel out the rest of the refined sugar.

Added sugar, especially in excess, is one of the leading causes of chronic disease, ranging from metabolic disorders to neurodegeneration, increased inflammation, and more.

Whilst the company has great reputation and quality, there are healthier ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD than their edibles – including making your own.

Vaping Products Can Be Risky

Okay, okay. People vape, and it’s better than smoking.

However, for those not using CBD vapes to overcome a smoking problem or replace other e-cigarettes, they’re potentially increasing their health risks.

According to major US studies, and as acknowledged by the UK government, vaping has caused lung injuries – some fatal.

We have confirmed that several substances can contribute to this, but other factors of vaping may carry health risks, specifically:

  • Toxins and carcinogens from vape pens
  • Harmful chemicals from vape liquids

This is only part of the still limited research available on the subject.

Simply, we’re not designed to inhale vapour / aerosol – let alone chemicals like flavourings – in such quantities.

With the recent adoption of this, we have already seen some adverse effects, and ongoing research is important (^).

Love Hemp’s Stand on Vaping

Love Hemp’s vaping products contain added flavourings, and without stating what they are online, it is hard to assess the true risk at hand here.

One established danger of vaping is diacetyl (used in flavourings), and it may increase injury risk.

In addition to e-liquids, the company sells CBD isolate terpenes and crystals. These appear to contain no harmful additives, being pure by nature, but Love Hemp’s recommendation to use the terpenes with “your favourite CBD oil/extracts and e-liquid vape juice” doesn’t necessarily offer sound health advice regarding potential risks for some people.

However, one product here I couldn’t flaw is the CBD Isolate Crystals. Love Hemp’s organic crystals are pure, and they recommend using them with a proper vaporiser for wax or oils.

But crystals can be used in more ways than inhaling, including cooking, making drinks, and dosing with them as they are (^)!

And no, the company isn’t a health consultancy. But, in their industry focused on a healthy lifestyle, I feel better (and more ethical) promotions and advice could be given.

Therefore, whilst Love Hemp offers high quality CBD, just as with the edibles, there are better ways to achieve the same benefits than vaping.

Conclusion: Are Love Hemp Worth the Hype?

All in all, Love Hemp is a brilliant service for the products they provide.

Offering a range of organic CBD products at a price cheaper than much of what’s typical in the market has made them the number 1 CBD brand in the UK.

In this Love Hemp review we’ve looked at:

  • Purity and product quality
  • Discounts
  • Delivery and services
  • Customer experiences and reviews
  • Ingredients
  • A stand on vaping product

Additionally, it’s no wonder that they have such a loyal base of customers when you look at the Love Hemp reviews and the fact that the business offers regular discounts.

Despite this, they are still a CBD brand – not necessarily an overall health brand. The unfortunate downside is that they sell edibles with added sugar and flavourings, and possibly risky vape products.

Nonetheless, the easy option is simply to avoid those specific products!

What This Means (Verdict):

For these reasons, I’ve reached a verdict. Ready? *Drumroll*…

Love Hemp receives a high Healthy Ronin rating of: 8 / 10!

Healthy Ronin Product Rating 8

So yeah, the fairest conclusion is that they are worth the hype. When it comes down to it, they out-compete much of the UK market in price and quality.

For anyone interested in trying quality, certified, and fully legal CBD or CBG in the UK especially, they are the place to go to.

For the best possible selection of their products, to have a browse, or to claim your discounts, just take a look online!

Hint: Remember codes SAVE30, SAVE40, and SAVE50.

They also have a handy store locator on the website so you can see what’s local.

That’s all for this Love Hemp review! Please share this with your friends and family interested in CBD, and comment below if you enjoyed this or have any questions!

Your support helps us grow, which means we can get as much helpful content out to you all as possible! 🙂 Thanks for being awesome.

Until next time, stay healthy


Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does Love Hemp Do?

Love Hemp is the UK’S #1 CBD brand. They sell a range of USA-grown organic CBD oils, cosmetics, edibles, vaping products, and their own merchandise. The best place to purchase is online, with a wider variety, free shipping (UK), and regular discounts.

Is Love Hemp CBD Oil Full Spectrum?

Love Hemp’s CBD Oils are indeed full spectrum from the strains they use. Being made from carefully grown organic hemp, their oils provide 11 types of cannabinoids. Love Hemp also has a concentration guarantee to ensure that all of these are present in their oils, and this is confirmed through “state-of-the-art High Performance Liquid Chromatography”.

What Are the Main Benefits of CBD?

CBD may offer several health benefits, and research is still in its early stages. Here are 4 of the most researched and evidence-backed ranges of health benefits of CBD:
∙ Improved Overall Mental Health, Depression, and Anxiety (^)(^)(^)(^)
∙ Pain Management (^)(^)
∙ Anti-cancer Potential (^)(^)(^)
∙ Skin Care and Treatment (^)(^)(^)

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